Trash the new fake punk and celebrate true 80s punk culture with a free art print from a true anti-establishment artist!

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"I absolutely love the print. Thank you Kristel for your art, generosity and badassitude. "

Sandy Verrier

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From the studio of Kristel Mallet

New Brunswick, Canada

January 10th, 2023

Hey, thanks for stopping by my page!

Punk is dead - but it doesn’t have to be.

Corporations are trying to take over, but we’ll always continue to fight back against them.

I’m personally fighting back the art industry and the galleries by offering you a FREE 80s punk inspired art print right here on this page for a limited time.

All you have to do is pay the small shipping charge to ensure it arrives with you safely.

Why am I giving away this collection art prints away for free?

Let me explain…

There are two reasons this offer makes complete sense to me:


My aim with this offer is to bring the true punk culture back into the world one piece of art at a time.

I think you’ll agree that the punk music we hear today has well and truly lost the 80s punk essence. It’s lost it’s attitude, DIY essence and passion.

The majority of the punk we hear today is shackled by the billion dollar label owners.

So by giving these prints away for free, I want to help people remember what punk truely is.

For me that's: DIY. Going it alone. Raw passion. Loud attitude and Anti-corporation.

I want you too to remember and celebrate these with me and the rest of the true punks still around today.


As an artist, my ultimate goal is to share my work with as many people as possible. 

You may not know, but the art galleries are the corporations & gatekeepers to the art industry. 

They take 50% of your income (that’s if they even accept you into the gallery in the first place).

In true anti-establishment and punk style (and as a big F-You to the industry as it stands), my offer to give you a free art print is my way of broadening my network online and getting my work seen by more people without depending on the galleries and corporations that leave us starving.

The DIY spirit is at the heart of the punk movement, and it's a principle that has always inspired me. That's why I have always made sure to create and release my art without any help from corporations or other middlemen.

When I started making serigraphs in my home, I knew that this DIY approach had to be a part of the process. By offering these prints directly to you, I am able to share my art in a way that is true to the punk ethos and the DIY mentality that I love.

That's why I am thrilled to offer free official replicas of my screen printed prints to anyone for a limited time. I want as many people as possible to have my art on their walls, inspiring the true punk within them.

I know it’s weird for an artist to give away prints for free, but I believe that this is the best way to get my work out into the world and make a real impact. And who knows - maybe you'll be interested in purchasing an original piece from me in the future! (no pressure though!)


Below this letter, I’ve laid out 4 prints from my Misfits Collection, offering them all for free.

(Only 1 per person I’m afraid)

Numbers are limited, so I will take this page and offer down the moment the last one has gone.


I fully guarantee you’ll love what you receive or I’ll refund what you paid, in full & you can keep the print anyway (Or gift it to a love one).

I love creating my art, so I want you to love what you receive just as much as I loved creating it—that’s why offering this guarantee makes sense to me.

All you’d have to do is contact me directly on the details on your receipt and I’ll give you back every penny. Which I’m grateful to say has never had to happen yet!

So this truly is a zero risk offer. (Just a heartfelt piece of art for you to try!)

My true hope is that you’ll love what you receive and this will be the beginning of a great relationship for years to come.
Sounds fair, right? 🙂

If this sounds like something you're interested in, here are the next steps...

1. Scroll below this letter.

2. Take a look at what I have to offer you and choose your favorite print out of the 4.

3.  Choose the size of your print (you can get a larger version if you want for a small charge)

4. Fill out the form and enter your address on the following page.

5. Receive your new piece of wall art and have it on your wall within just 14 days.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to 🙂

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I can't wait to get your new piece of art to you.


TO SUM IT ALL UP! (for if you're like me and skip to the end 😉)

1. I'm giving away a 5x7" art print of your choice, for FREE.

2. Your only mission is to cover the small CAN$6.90 shipping fee to ensure your art print arrives on-time and in mint condition.

3. Your print will be at your doorstep within 14 days.

4. Choose where you want to hang your art!

5. Not happy? I'll refund the shipping fee you paid, and you can keep the print anyway as a thank you for your time!

THE Misfits


Kristel Mallet Artist

"In the style of Pop Art, the prints in the Misfits Collection are created to bring the true essence of punk back

into the world.

With their bold graphics and no-fucks-given attitude,

these prints celebrate non-conformity and the rebellious spirit of punk rock from the 80s."

- Kristel Mallet -


✓ 1x FREE 5x7 inch Art Print from Kristel Mallet (saving you a huge CAN$25!) 

✓ A choice of four different pieces of artwork.

(Shown below)

✓ Official and certified replications of the original artworks. (unframed)

✓ Printed on Thick, High Quality Card.

✓ The option to upgrade the size of your art print.

 ✓ Cover the small shipping cost of CAN$6.90 to ensure it arrives in good condition and in good time.

FREE BONUS #1 - Digital library of my artworks for your devices (phone, tablet and desktop)

FREE BONUS #2 - An entry in my Monthly Giveaway (win all 4 prints, 8x10, a value of CAN$140)

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FREE BONUS #4 - A bi-weekly newsletter "3 Random Songs"

🔓 FULL 365 DAY GUARANTEE - If you don't love your 5x7" free art print you receive as much

as I loved creating the artwork, you can get a full refund of the shipping cost, no questions asked and

you don't even have to return the print.



"Non-conformity is about embracing your individuality and not being afraid
to be yourself, even if it means going against the grain."

$25.00 $0.00


“We must resist the corporate takeover of our lives and instead support independent and

locally-sourced goods that align with our values."

$25.00 $0.00


"Attitude is everything. It's about standing up for what you believe in and not being afraid to be yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks."

Attitude Art Print

CAN$25.00 $0.00


"The DIY spirit is all about taking matters into your own hands

and not being afraid to get your hands dirty."

DIY Art Print

CAN$25.00 $0.00

Kristel's work has a fresh feel to it that I enjoy. I'm lucky to have a backstage pass and get to see lines being corrected and colors being chosen, she's a very deliberate artist! Some of her serigraphs are like windows into other places and I find myself imagining stories around these images. I've been collecting Kristel's art for several years now and hopefully I'll keep adding to my collection for years to come.

Francis M.

Love the mix of art and music? Me, too! Kristel’s prints combine the raw energy of punk rock and with crazy-good art. She has a knack for capturing in her serigraphs what makes music resonate with our eclectic souls. Silkscreen printing is an art form all its own, and you’ll love how she puts a fresh perspective on the line-art and color choices. If you enjoy owning unique art, get one of Kristel’s serigraphs.


Thinking of getting some pretty art handmade prints ?? If you like the art you won’t be disappointed. The quality is prime and the texture it gives due to the process Kristel employed is really cool to see. Also the packaging was great so the goods arrived safely and without damage.

Erick L.

I have seen Kristel evolve in the arts field for many years now and I was always impressed by her drawings. The colors and techniques she uses with her silkscreens brings an old school style to her designs. I can't wait to see what Kristel will bring next and I'm privileged to be able to see the progress of her designs "backstage".

Chantal F.

Kristel Mallet Artist


Kristel Mallet is a versatile visual artist who explores diverse media. 

Originally from the heart of New Brunswick, Canada, Kristel grew up reading comics and watching cartoons. Her main creative influences include comics, vintage illustrations, Gig Posters, B-Movies, nature, sci-fi, and progressive music, among many other things.

In 2000, she studied Animation and Graphics Technology. During her summers off from school, she won two awards for her stop-motion films.

She has been fortunate to have been given a slew of unique professional opportunities. In addition to being a fine artist known for her unique screen printing work, she has worked in advertising, graphic design, video editing, motion graphic design, and illustration.

Her art is available online and has begun attracting a following among collectors of her bold characters.

 © Copyright 2023, Kristel Mallet