"Free punk rock art? It's true."

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Beautiful work with bright pops of color. Highly recommend the prints! They arrived quickly and safely packed.




From the studio of Kristel Mallet,

New Brunswick, Canada

April 2, 2022


Thanks for stopping by this page!

My punk rock art 5x7" prints are FREE. Yes, you read that right. That's absolutely FREE for any diehard punk rocker who cares about freedom of expression just as much as I do.


There must be a catch, you say. What catch? All you need to cover is the shipping fee of CAN$6.90. The art is 100% free. Why? Because I want to share my message with as many people as possible - and I want you to be one of them. The more people who see my punk rock art, the more I can express my passion and challenge the way society thinks.

I want to give you the opportunity to own an art print and enjoy it.

I know I sound crazy...

Why Get My Free Punk Rock Art?

Let me explain...

There are two reasons this offer makes complete sense to me:

I'm a Rebel

Come join me in my revolution and let's make our own rules along the way. I'm giving away copies of my punk rock art prints to anyone who wants one. This is my way of saying I'll do what I want, whether the powers-that-be like it or not.

Stuff the System

Call me selfish, but I want to share my work with as many like-minded rebels as possible. Get to know me through my visual interpretations, and who knows? Maybe you'll be back to buy more of my original punk rock art.

So...What Exactly Do You Get?

If you scroll down to the bottom of this letter, you'll find all four '80s-inspired works from my Punk Art Era Collection - and they're all 100% FREE.

The only catch? You'll have to choose your favorite, as I can only offer 1 per person.  

Also, remember that this offer is for a limited time only...and the art I can give away is limited. Avoid disappointment by grabbing your free punk rock art today.


I'm so confident you'll love my original punk rock art, I'll refund the shipping fee if you're not happy (and you can keep the print anyway...or gift it to someone else)

Creating art is my passion, and I want you to enjoy owning it as much as I enjoyed creating it. That's why I have this guarantee.  

In the unlikely event you want to take me up on this offer (which I'm yet to see...) simply contact my using the details on your receipt to get every penny back you spent on shipping.

This truly is a zero-risk deal and there's only everything to gain!!

Sounds fair right? :)

If you have a head on your shoulders and can't refuse this offer, here's what to do next 🙂

1. Scroll to the bottom of this letter to see my free punk rock art offer.

2. Pick your favorite punk rock print and select it to be redirected to the shipping page.

3. Fill out the form and enter your preferred delivery address. 

4. Pay the small CAN$6.90 shipping fee to ensure your order arrives on-time & in mint condition.

5. Get excited and wait for the doorbell to ring with your FREE punk rock art in 14 days!

Questions? Concerns?  you can send an email to 🙂

I can't thank you enough for taking the time to read this letter today, I can't wait to get your new piece of art to you.


TO SUM IT ALL UP! (if you're a serial skimmer like me, this one's for you 😉)

1. I'm giving away a 5x7" punk rock art print of your choice, for FREE.

2. Your only mission is to cover the small CAN$6.90 shipping fee to ensure your free punk rock art arrives on-time and in mint condition.

3. Your print will be at your doorstep within 14 days

4. Choose where you want to hang your punk art, and get rocking!

5. Not happy? I'll refund the shipping fee you paid, and you can keep the print anyway as a thank you for your time!

INSPIRED BY THE 80s punk art era collection

"Punk rock is more than a musical genre. It's an entire culture representing freedom and choice. Just as we use fashion to express our individuality, the edgy soundtrack of the 80s inspired this collection."

- Kristel Mallet -


 ✓ 1x FREE 5x7 inch Art Rock Print from Kristel Mallet (saving you a huge 25$!)

✓ A choice of four different pieces of artwork. (Shown below)

✓ Official and certified replications of the original artworks.

✓ Printed on Thick, High Quality Card.

✓ The option to upgrade the size of your art print.

 ✓ Cover the small shipping cost of CAN$6.90 to ensure it arrives in good condition and in good time.

FREE BONUS #1 - Digital library of my artworks for your devices (phone, tablet and desktop)

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FREE BONUS #4 Bi-weekly newsletter "3 Random Songs" (I share 3 songs from my eclectic collection)

🔓 FULL 365 DAY GUARANTEE - If you don't love your 5x7" free art print you receive as much as I loved creating the artwork, you can get a full refund of the shipping cost, no questions asked and you don't even have to return the print.


Are You Off Your Rocker?

Maybe, but the way I see it, there are some things money can't buy – and freedom is one of them. That’s why I’ve chosen to spread freedom of choice in a way everybody can access, by giving my punk rock art prints away for FREE. If I can get a reaction out of you and encourage you to think critically, then I’ve achieved my mission!

Kristel's work has a fresh feel to it that I enjoy. I'm lucky to have a backstage pass and get to see lines being corrected and colors being chosen, she's a very deliberate artist! Some of her serigraphs are like windows into other places and I find myself imagining stories around these images. I've been collecting Kristel's art for several years now and hopefully I'll keep adding to my collection for years to come.



YOU KNOW THE SYSTEM. If they have their way, they'll take this page down as soon as they find it.

This offer will NOT last best get your free punk rock art today before this page is gone.


Authentic, Loud, and Unapologetically Bold.

Tap image to see in detail

Independant Punk Girl Serigraph

CAN$25.00 $0.00

"Thinking of getting some pretty art handmade prints ?? If you like the art you won’t be disappointed. The quality is prime and the texture it gives due to the process Kristel employed is really cool to see. Also the packaging was great so the goods arrived safely and without damage."



Minimalist, Cool, and Edgy.

Minimalist Punk Serigraph

CAN$25.00 $0.00


Renewal and Rebirth.

Tap image to see in detail

Punk with a Scarab Tattoo Serigraph

$25.00 $0.00

Chelsea CHICK

Quirky, Relaxed, and Laid Back.

Tap image to see in detail

Chelsea Girl Serigraph

$25.00 $0.00

Love the mix of art and music? Me, too! Kristel’s prints combine the raw energy of punk rock and with crazy-good art. She has a knack for capturing in her serigraphs what makes music resonate with our eclectic souls. Silkscreen printing is an art form all its own, and you’ll love how she puts a fresh perspective on the line-art and color choices. If you enjoy owning unique art, get one of Kristel’s serigraphs.


Kristel Mallet Artist


Kristel Mallet is an eclectic visual artist that brings her own unique twist through the creation of colourful serigraphs. Originally from the heart of New Brunswick, Canada, Kristel grew up reading comics, as well as watching various cartoon television shows, which all led to her initial passion for drawing. 

Kristel’s main creative influences include comics, vintage illustrations, Gig Posters, B-Movies, nature, sci-fi and progressive music, among many other things. 

It was in 2005 when Kristel scored her first real gig in the 2D animation world. This led to a slew of unique professional opportunities, including working in advertising, graphic design, video editing, motion graphic design and illustration. Her work has been featured on national television and several social media sources on the web. 

Her major goal is to help others discover new songs and musicians through the exploration of her artwork. She believes, “Music keeps us company, gives us confidence and makes us discover the world.” Her goal is to continue to establish a deeper connection for those who consume her art and to reach the masses as she develops uniquely crafted pieces for all.

 © Copyright 2022, Kristel Mallet